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Anti-aerosol half face mask FFP1 R У-2К

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The half face mask is designed for protection of the respiration organs against silicate, cement, metallurgic, coal, ore, tobacco, textile and other kinds of industrial dust as well as powdered fertilizers, toxic chemicals, synthetic detergents, not evolving toxic gases and vapors.

The filtering half face mask for protection against aerosols belongs to the first class of filtering efficiency. The filtering half face mask is resistant against dusting.

The half face mask, protecting against aerosols У-2К is equipped with inlet and outlet valves that provide an ideal operation, avoiding humidification, which is causing increased breathing resistance. The outer layer of the half face mask is made of foamed polyurethane and functions as a filter of preliminary cleaning of the air from coarse dust particles. The next layer consists of finely fibred material with a high filtering surface, cleaning the air from fine aerosols.

To provide a better sealing in the area of the nose the filtering half face mask is equipped with a nose clip made from an aluminum alloy and fixed to the outer shell of the half face mask.
The headband consists of two stretch-proof straps and plastic buckles with clip, which with the headband will be fixed to the flexible straps of the filtering half face mask.
The item is available in three sizes (1, 2, 3).

Guaranteed shelf life: 5 years.
Weight: 60 g.