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Airline respirators are designed for protecting human respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin against any harmful impurities in the air irrespective of their compositions and concentrations, as well as for operating in air oxygen-deficient working zones. They are used in various sectors of industry, agriculture and public utilities when working in and inside of: tanks, wells, compartments, cisterns, reservoirs and closed limited spaces. Respirators ПШ-1 and ПШ-2 are completed with the following full face masks: ШМП-1, ПМ-88 and МАГ.

Depending on the design of air supply line, respirators may be made as a fresh air hose breathing apparatus (self-suction) and as a powered fresh air hose breathing apparatus (forced air supply).

  • ПШ-1С with 10 m long air supply hose (in bag with packed hose)
  • ПШ-1С-20 with 20 m long air supply hose (in bag with packed hose)
  • ПШ-1Б with 10 m long air supply hose (drum having support with attached hose)
  • ПШ-1Б-20 with 20 m long air supply hose [drum having support with attached hose)
  • ПШ-20РВ (ЭРВ) with 20 m long air supply hose (drum having support with attached hose)
  • ПШ-20 РВ-2 (ЭРВ-2), ПШ-40РВ (ЭРВ) with two 20 m long and 40 m long air supply hoses (drum having support with attached 20 m long hose and additional 20 m long hose in bag)
  • Respirators ПШ-1С, ПШ-1Б, ПШ-1Б-20 are one-channel non-pressure breathing apparatus, in which air flows under face piece through reinforced hose when the operator is breathing (self-suction).
  • Respirators ПШ-20 ПВ (ЭРВ, РВ-2, ЭРВ-2), ПШ-40 РВ (ЭРВ) are powered fresh air hose breathing apparatus, in which breathing air is supplied from clean air zone through reinforced hose by hand-operated air blower (AB) or electric air blower (ЭРВ). In respirators ПШ-20 РВ-2 (ЭРВ-2), air enters into the area under masks of two operators through two reinforced hoses simultaneously. Time of work is limited by human physiological capabilities.

Design features of airline respirators made by JSC «Tambovmash»:

1. Belt of special design is supplemented by shoulder belt made of cotton tape that excludes stripping of shoulder straps from shoulder joint.
2. Belt and Shoulder buckles are made of spark-proof material.
3. The length of signal cord is extended by 2 m to use it in various cases of emergency.
4. Reinforced rubber air supply hose is not subject to squeezing and bending when manhole is accidentally closed or when heavy objects are fallen on the hose.
5. Aluminum carrier of fastener to attach corrugated tube to shoulder belt is more secure and durable as compared with plastic carrier that breaks down after 2-3 cases of use.
6. Drum has hardwearing paint coating resistant to water, hostile environment and surrounding air temperature.
7. Sealing of products provides safety during transportation and storage.

ПШ-1 set includes a rod holding filter above ground surface and preventing ingress of dust, moisture etc. into air supply line.


Resistance to constant airflow at volume flow rate of 30 dmVmin when inhaling and exhaling, Pa (mm H20), not more than 200(20)
Effective protection time not limited
Respirator is airtight at positive pressure, Pa (mm H20) 1000(100)
Working temperature range, °C - 40 ... + 40
Weight, kg, not more than:
ПШ-1С 10
ПШ-1С-20 16
ПШ-1Б 17
ПШ-1Б-20 23
ПШ-20РВ (ЭРВ) 32(34)
ПШ-20РВ-2 (ЭРВ-2) 41(55)
ПШ-40РВ (ЭРВ) 42,2(54,5)

Guaranteed storage life of respirators — 3 years

Attention: During transportation and storage, component parts and datasheet are placed into drum or bag.