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The respirator is used in different industrial sectors, in agricultural sector when handling agricultural chemicals and fertilizers as well as in everyday life.

Filter grade and class Color marking Substances from which protects this filter grade
А1 Organic gases and vapors with boiling point above 65°C
В1 Inorganic gases and vapors except for carbon monoxide
Е1 Sulfur dioxide and other acid gases and vapors
К1 Ammonia and its organic derivatives

Technical characteristics:

Resistance to constant airflow at volume flow rate of 30 dmVmin, Pa (mm H20), not more than when inhaling - 90(9)
when exhaling - 60(6)
Inward Leakage in half-mask, %, not more than 2
Content of carbon dioxide in inhaled air, %, not more than 1
Working temperature range, °C Minus 40… plus 50
Weight, kg, not more than 0,340
Guaranteed storage life of respirators, years 3