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Civil full-facepiece respirator ГП-21


Protection of respiratory organs, face and eyes of adult civilians including non-military personnel of civil defense forces against toxic substances, bacterial aerosols, radioactive dust, radioactive iodine and its organic compounds, hazardous chemicals and hazardous chemicals with inhalation effects.

The full-facepiece respirator can be used within a ambient temperature range of -40 to +40°C in all climatic regions (zones)

Design features:

- the facepiece has a six-point headband with self-tightening straps for quick adjustment to any type of face without pinching the hair;
- the facepiece has an improved range of vision through the panoramic lens and has a communication device;
- the panoramic lens of the facepiece is made of transparent flexible polymeric material, wear-resistant and resistant against different mechanical impact (shock, load) it will not be distorted and returns into original shape;
- the facepiece has small weight to be carried on the face and is highly ergonomic;
- the construction of the facepiece with an inner mask provides a tight fit of the facepiece to nose and mouth of the user. The valves, integrated into the inner mask prevent misting of the inner surface of the panoramic lens.

The set includes a filtering and absorbing cartridge, providing protection against all kinds of chemical warfare agents, bacteriological aerosols and radioactive dust, as well as small sized filtering and absorbing cartridges designed for protection against non-lethal agents.


The filtering full-facepiece respiratory ГП-21 can be combined with most of the means for head protection.

Guaranteed shelf life: 12.5 years
Weight: 760 g