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Civil full-facepiece respirator ГП-7Б Universal (ГП-7БВ Universal)


Protection of respiratory organs, face and eyes of adult civilians including non-military personnel of civil defense forces against toxic substances of an potential enemy, bacterial aerosols, radioactive dust, hazardous chemicals and hazardous chemicals with inhalation effects.

The full-facepiece respirator is equipped with a facepiece with trapeze-shaped eye glasses (increasing the range of vision by 20%) in two version: with the facility for drinking water МГУ-В and without an facility for drinking water МГУ, with the possibility to connect the filtering and absorbing cartridge at the left side of the facial part as well as at the right side. Full-facepiece respirator ГП-7Б (В) Universal is equipped with the filtering and absorbing cartridge ГП-7БВ Universal. The filtering and absorbing cartridge is provided with a neck thread and a hood cap: Rd 40x4 complying with GOST 8762-75