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Civil full-facepiece respirators ГП-7ВМТ and ГП-8Б

Purpose :

Protection of respiratory organs, face and eyes of adult civilians including non-military personnel of civil defense forces against toxic substances of an potential enemy, bacterial aerosols, radioactive dust, hazardous chemicals and hazardous chemicals with inhalation effects.

The full-facepiece respirators ГП-7ВМТ and ГП-8В are equipped with a filtering and absorbing cartridge in metal casing. The full-facepiece respirators ГП-7ВМТ and ГП-8 are equipped with a drinking device and provide the possibility for drinking water from a flask during work in harmful atmosphere without taking the mask off. Using anti-misting coating and insulating sleeves in case of temperatures below -10°C provides transparency of the glasses during the whole time of work regardless the kind of physical activity. The filtering and absorbing cartridge is provided with a neck thread and a hood cap: Rd40x4.

ГП-8В is equipped with a modernized facepiece, compatible with the helmet of Special forces.

The material used for manufacturing parts and units of the filtering and absorbing cartridges ГП-7K and ГП-7ТK are spark proof against gas-steam-and-air mixtures (conclusion of FGBU VNIIPO EMERCOM dd. 10.02.2012).