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AWARD WINNER in 100 Best Products of Russia program      in 2010
GOLD MEDAL of the winner of National Security international contest in 2007
GOLD MEDAL of the winner of Bestseller among Fire Engineering Products contest in 2006
GOLD MEDAL of the winner of Best Technical Solution contest in 2005
DIPLOMA WINNER in 100 Best Products of Russia program in 2004


It is designed for protecting respiratory and visual organs of persons over 12, or those having neck size over 3.0 dm including persons wearing beards, long hair and having big hairdo against dangerous fire factors during the time re¬quired for walking out of burning industrial and residential buildings, premises and so on.

Self-rescuer СИП1-1 is also intended for protecting respi¬ratory and visual organs of personnel of paramilitary forces of civil defense under the conditions of ambient oxygen defi¬ciency, as well as against any airborne harmful substances irrespective of their composition and concentration.

It provides:

  • protection of head against short-time effects of open flame;
  • fast setting in operating mode;
  • possibility of human speech communication;
  • visibility of identification markings;
  • possibility of evacuation through manholes and narrow exits.

It is manufactured ready for use and does not require any individual adjustment and fitting. It is a single-use protective device.

The self-rescuer’s protective hood is made of fire resistant air-tight material with heat-reflective coating resis¬tant to short-time effects of naked flame and high temperature. The hood’s material can withstand the action of surface-active agents.

Distinguishing features of the design of this self-rescuer are the position of breathing bag around user's neck and relief-independent excess pressure valve. The position of breathing bag around human neck makes the self-rescuer compact and makes it possible to carry loads or materials or unconscious persons.

СИП-1 is a unique and the only self-rescuer in the world that protects human neck and shoulders against any inflammable and toxic mixtures (splashes, sparks etc.). Relief-independent valve releases a part of air and gas mixture making it possible to avoid barotrauma in case of violent blows or in case of squeezing breathing bag (for example when it is required to go through narrow manholes, half-closed doors etc.).

Self-rescuer СИП1 was developed according to GOST R 53260-2009 (Fire Equipment. Self-contained escape with chemical oxygen for protection of the people against toxic products at evacuation from smoking buildings from fire. General technical requirements. Test methods).

Self-rescuer СИП1 was certified as compliant with the requirements of technical regulations Technical Regulations for Fire Safety Requirements (Federal Law No. 123-FZ dated 22.07.2008).

Technical Characteristics:

Effective protection time at the time of evacuation, not less than, min. 20
Providing reliable protection at temperature range, °C minus 10 …plus 60
at relative air humidity, % up to 95
Temperature of inhaled air, °C, not higher than plus 45
Overall dimensions: in case, mm 125х212х244
in carrier, mm 110х230х270
Weight of operating unit, kg, not more than 1,8

Guaranteed storage life — 5 years